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Jacob Zuma address halted by EFF MPs in South Africa

An address to parliament by South Africa's President Jacob Zuma has been halted by opposition MPs. Mr Zuma was responding to allegations that he had "unduly benefitted" from an upgrade…

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African nations tighten Ebola travel bans

Chad and South Africa beef up restrictions on infected countries despite warnings of possible food shortages. African countries have tightened travel curbs in an effort to contain the Ebola outbreak,…

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Kiwanuka responsible for NSSF mess - Notu

By  Yasiin Mugerwa( The Daily Monitor) Officials from the National Organisation of Trade Unions (Notu) yesterday said Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka is “the source” of the mismanagement at the National…

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Liberian police open fire on Ebola protesters

Clashes break out when security forces quarantine neighbourhood and blockade it with tables, chairs and barbed wire. Police in the Liberian capital have fired live rounds and tear gas to…

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Umeme investors targeted NSSF money since 2004, says MP

By Yasiin Mugerwa (The Daily Monitor) Cash bonaza. MP claims it was a well calculated move to use NSSF cash to capitalise Umeme. The ongoing inquiry into corruption allegations at the…

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In Ferguson's wake, outcries arise about police shootings in other cities

The cases of young black men killed in California and Ohio come under local scrutiny, fueled in part by the national focus on Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, Mo. By Amanda…

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  • Help the Youth today so as to serve you better tomorrow
    As the world propels around the youth and depends on them for efficiency, hence issues about the youth remain top on the ladder. As much as the youth may appear energetic, active, creative, knowledgeable and the like, they still remain one of the most vulnerable groups on the globe. They call for collective attention, to the scene and platform they offer at any given moment. The UN decided to dedicate a day for the International Youth Day because they have…
    Written on Wednesday, 30 July 2014 10:06 Be the first to comment! Read 199 times

Leading ISSUES


  • International Youth Day
    Written by Fr. Sebhat Ayele MCCJ
    International Youth Day "MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS” With the annual celebrations on August 12th, the theme for International Youth Day 2014 is coined from the slogan ‘Mental Health Matters’. Youth with mental health conditions often experience stigma and discrimination, which in turn leads to exclusion and or discourage others from seeking help for fear of being labelled negatively. Youth constitute over 1.2 billion aged between 15-24 of the world population today and over 280 million of them experience a mental health condition. Many of…
    Written on Wednesday, 30 July 2014 10:07 in SPECIAL REPORT Be the first to comment! Read 371 times Read more...

Leading Youth

  • Lifestyle Disorders of Youth Today
    Written by
    Lifestyle Disorders of Youth Today A matter of concern The Youth top Uganda’s population, 78 percent of Ugandan youth are under 30 years; according to Uganda population report 2012. But the lifestyle of today’s youth is confined to Internet, gizmo gadgets, discos and pubs. They seldom take interest in national politics, religious or spiritual life and often do not even understand what’s happening around the world. In a job interview, as tradition always dictates; the rule is to switch off mobile phones. However I was…
    Written on Wednesday, 30 July 2014 11:02 Be the first to comment! Read 174 times Read more...

Leading mission

  • Stanislaus Onegil; Long serving and the first Catechist of Angal Mission, Nebbi Diocese
    Written by Fr. Gino Stpccehero
    Stanislaus Onegil; Long serving and the first Catechist of Angal Mission, Nebbi Diocese As we have veteran missionaries, we too have veteran catechists who evangelized the Sub-Saharan populations from “within”. Blessed Jildo Irwa and Daudi Okello are typical icons of such personalities. The catechists are from the community who knew the language, culture, custom and tradition of the people. Many veteran missionaries depended on the local ‘know how’ of the catechists. Unfortunately, the contribution of catechists is rarely recognized as the ‘memory’ revolves solely around the veteran missionaries.
    Written on Wednesday, 30 July 2014 11:07 Be the first to comment! Read 159 times Read more...

Plants and People

  • Mangoes
    Written by Richard Komakech
    Mangoes “The king of the fruits,” mango fruit is one of the most popular, nutritionally rich fruits with unique flavor, fragrance, taste, and health promoting qualities. It is one of the delicious seasonal fruits grown in the tropics. The tree is believed to have originated from the sub-Himalayan plains of Indian subcontinent.Botanically, this exotic fruit belongs to the family of Anacardiaceae; Genus: Mangifera. It has many species but the common species is Mangifera indica.Mangoes may very well be the king of…
    Written on Wednesday, 30 July 2014 10:29 Be the first to comment! Read 214 times Read more...

Leading CHURCH

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GANAL at 15 years: (1999-2014) On June 8th 2014, the prelates and the flock hailing from Gulu Ecclesistical Province, friends and people of good will assembled at Our Lady and St. Jude Parish-Naggulu Kampala to celebrate their annual event while marking the 15th anniversary of its existence. His Holiness, now...

Leading UGANDA

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Government has resolved to use music and entertainment as part of efforts to boost Uganda’s tourism industry. Earlier in the month of July, minister for tourism, wild life and antiquities Maria Mutagamba said this would involve bringing on board Ugandan artistes to promote the country through their works. Addressing Journalist...

Leading AFRICA

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(Al Jazeera) South African Nobel Prize-winning author Nadine Gordimer has died in Johannesburg aged 90. She was one of the literary world’s most powerful voices against apartheid and died peacefully in her sleep at her home in the presence of her children, Hugo and Oriane after a short illness.She wrote...
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